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Review: Star Wars #2
Fred  |  February 13, 2013

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I know it's terribly predictable for a fan girl to gush over Han Solo, but I loved the first few pages of banter between him and Chewbacca in this issue. You can't help but hear their voices as you read each panel and Han sounds very natural in this series, a crucial element for a book based on such iconic films. Han falling asleep at the wheel as the Millennium Falcon hovers in space seems very believable and even somewhat endearing, though in reality that would be pretty irresponsible. He's Han Solo though, so that lovable scamp gets away with it. OK, I know I'm biased. Deal with it.

Han and Chewie are waiting to rendezvous with Mon Mothma and, of course, trouble manages to find them. Trouble named Boba Fett and, mere seconds before they jump into lightspeed, a Star Destroyer appears in the distance. The Rebels are being tracked far too easily by the Empire, appearing at crucial places in the Rebels' search for a new home base. Even though Han and Chewie have technically fulfilled their obligation, they're still being followed. There's a traitor in the Rebels' midst and Leia is putting together a classified group of pilots to try and circumvent/weed out that Judas.

Before we get to that, though, we're privy to a touching moment where Leia re-watches tourism videos from Alderaan as she mourns the destruction of her home world. It's a great insight into her emotional headspace that no one around her ever gets to see. She spends her time being strong for her remaining subjects and the rebel forces, but you do finally see her grieve the horrible loss she's endured. It's a short scene but essential to showing Leia's true character. It's little details like this that really sell this series to me. Everyone thinks they know the Star Wars movies inside and out, but it's only when you read someone's interpretation and it feels off that you realize it's not necessarily all that easy.

This is a strong second issue of Brian Wood's foray into the Star Wars universe. It feels like a natural part of the movies, the interlude that we didn't get to see. Anyone start taking bets on who the traitor is yet? My money's on the smarmy Gram Cortess.

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