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First Issue, Second Opinion: Uncanny X-Men #1
Russel  |  February 13, 2013

uncanny xmen 1FRED

I'm really glad Bendis is taking on the X-Books. His run on All New X-Men has been so emotionally turbulent and Uncanny X-Men promises to be the same based on this first issue. An unidentified informant has come to Maria Hill to disclose new information regarding the mutant terrorist Cyclops (aka. Scott Summers). Though Scott was initially portrayed as being feared and hated by everyone on the planet, it seems that he's gained a fan following for his recent new mutant rescue missions. This issue focuses on one in particular, a rescue in San Diego that happened the day before the informant and Hill's conversation.

Scott and his team-- Emma Frost, Magneto, Magik and newcomers Tempus and a yet unnamed healer mutant-- teleport in to San Diego when a new mutant's abilities manifest on a busy street. This poor guys special mutant powers? The ability to create durable bubbles that bounce people around before eventually vanishing. I do enjoy that not everyone gets ostensibly useful powers in this newest mutant era. It isn't long after Scott shows up though that all new and improved Sentinels do, too. They're bigger and badder than ever before it seems and with Scott, Emma and Magneto's powers on the fritz since being possessed by the Phoenix force, it's a tenuous battle.

The issue ends off with a revelation that felt a little cheesy, but does make things interesting for the series. Chris Bachalo's art is gorgeous, particularly the Sentinel splash page. I don't mind most of the X-team's costume redesign except Magneto's looks a little too much like Fantomex's. Overall, a solid read and a great companion book to All New X-Men (though it isn't necessary reading to enjoy Uncanny X-Men).


Oh yeah, what I love about All-New X-Men is that, unlike Bendis’s Avengers work, his X-Men work up until this point has been much more similar to Ultimate Comics Spider-Man… and I love love love that book.

This book I really enjoyed; it’s a very strong book for the Cyclops side of the story in the superhero smash-up sense, where we were dealing with more intriguing elements during the first few issues of All-New X-Men that dealt with this team half of the time. Their own book, with the wonderful art of Chris Bachalo’s, a different man with a different energy since his last stay in the X-verse, gives that idea time to expand. Of the re-designs he's done, I have a feeling that only Cyclops will stick, but that's one hell of a strong visual, the X-visor, so I'm all for it.

Like FF and New Avengers before it, Uncanny X-Men certainly adds an interesting perspective to the story. Less new-mutant-centric, it’s dealing more with the action and the intrigue of Cyclop’s revolution.

The stalwarts of mutant kind, Cyclops, Magneto, Emma Frost, aren’t the controlled types that they used to be, so they’ll evolve to be something more, make strange alliances, and no doubt pay the consequences. Like I said, intrigue. I like it, and Bendis (as he does) uses the dialogue to his advantage (even if, yes, he could have said more with fewer words on that last page). A solid read, indeed. And double-Maria Hill/Phil Coulson goodness this week from the new Marvel NOW books! 

Also from the little cartoon head in the editorial, at the back of the book, Nick Lowe kinda looks like Paul Feig (Freaks and Geeks), take that for what you will.

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